Charles was incredibly knowledgeable and very personable. Not only did he inspect the property, but he took the time to explain until we understood everything. He was great around our cats and dog, and was absolutely fantastic to just chat with.

MoldBusters is highly recommended, and I'll certainly be calling back the next time I need their services.

Justin Johse

Charles with MoldBusters is very professional, thorough, and honest. He was patient to answer all my questions and explain everything in detail. He made himself available for timely communication and gave quick turnarounds for lab results and reports. He has your best interests at heart. I would highly recommend Charles with MoldBusters for a thorough, detailed mold inspection.

Alice Charles

It is rare in this day and age where you can be met with quality service, product, for a reasonable cost. In fact, based on the service I received from Charles I would have been willing to pay more. He politely declined the tip i offered so moving forward i will make sure that he receives the business of my colleagues, family, and friends. Understand that I'm the type of consumer that measures 10 times and cuts once so I did my due diligence before I contracted his services. I spoke with several reputable companies before he was contracted but his assessment of my rental property was amazing. I used information/education that he provided to literally cross examine other companies that were vying for the work and I was surprised of the responses I received from them some of which boasted to have anywhere from 50 to 70 years of experience in this business and their lack of knowledge for Houston's hurricane/flood climate was beyond concerning. He was extremely patient with me and doubled down on it once he recognized my general skepticism for contractors. He treated me like I was family and I'm certain that i had to frustrate him with all of my questions and concerns. Unlike most service professionals, Charles wanted me to be as comfortable with the process as i needed to be and he didn't respond as if my time wasn't as valuable as his. You can't go wrong with this company but don't take my word for it . They are clearly a part of a dying breed that have been replaced with companies that prey off the demand for the services they render vs focusing on the services they provide and the individual needs of the consumer paying for said services!

Morven Dismuke

I had a suspicion but when Charles ran the test we found mold was definitely there! Even though it was a newer building. Really appreciate all that Mold Busters did to help me and the management understand what was really going on in my unit.

Mariyah McNeil

Mold busters is the gold standard, hands down. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Really played a huge part in keeping my son, my girlfriend and myself healthy. Even communicated with my apartment manager and her boss to remediate th issues according to what the state required. Imi highly recommend.

Jabriel Jones

Charles was great!! I was stressed about having to call a mold inspector in the first place, but it ended up being really fun -- he was very helpful, informative, and I learned all sorts of new things.

Liberty Johse