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Having a mold infestation in your home can result in serious health complications and damage to your property. Don't let mold continue to spread. Our mold inspection company will let you know where you have mold and if it's potentially dangerous.

We complete both residential and commercial mold inspections. By inspecting your home for mold, we can:

  • Alert you to potential health hazards
  • Detect problems before you try to sell your home
  • Help you avoid costly property damage
  • Give you the information you need to schedule remediation
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Don't Let Mold Keep Festering in
your and house

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Did your refrigerator or air conditioning unit recently have a big leak? Have you noticed dark spots on your walls? You could have a mold problem. MoldBusters Of Texas will get to the bottom of it. A licensed mold inspector can collect air samples and surface samples from your home to determine the extent of your mold problem. We'll give you a full report so you can move forward with the next steps. Our team can also provide you with either a full inspection or a limited inspection.

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What makes MoldBusters Of Texas right for you?

After a decade of combined experience, we've perfected our mold inspection process. We'll look for moisture that could cause mold and write a mold remediation protocol for you to follow. We offer a 10% discount on residential mold sampling services.